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Lovolution Podcast

Jul 23, 2009

President Obama says that we can't afford to start the health care system over from scratch. I think differently. The old civilization's medical system doesn't work for all people. The only way we will achieve social justice, and hence a healthy civilization, is when everyone can get health care in all its various forms whenever they need it. In this podcast, you will hear experts talk at a conference in Phoenix, Arizona about the health care crisis. I humbly offer my commentary on why it is time to start over from scratch. Hippocrates, he father of medicine, said, "Extreme remedies are very appropriate for extreme diseases." In the United States, our current health care system has an extreme illness of not providing health care to all. If we follow the wisdom of Hippocrates, it is clear that we need an extreme remedy to cure the problem. Single-payer health care could very well lead us to a place where good health and health care providers, not disease and insurance corporations rule the health care system in America. Such a change in policy is not reform, but Lovolution, a world wide shift in consciousness that recognizes the needs of all.