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Lovolution Podcast

Feb 11, 2010

Access Tucson, the public access TV station in Tucson, Arizona is in trouble. The government wants to cut its budget to the point that it would have to close its doors. I’ve had a TV show, Lovolution Village for several years at Access Tucson.  It is the only place in Tucson where I can talk about my vision on how to create world peace by building a network of solar-powered arcologies, ecological cities. Since I have been activated to promote these ideas, I have experienced oppression and suppression not only from the mainstream society, but within the alternative community who doesn’t understand the vision of, arcology, as a whole-systems approach to redesigning the way we live, work, eat and move.  Access Tucson allows me to work as an educator about the need for arcology to be seen as a way for a new green economy to emerge. Access Tucson’s programming allows many other voices and shows to be aired that have messages vital to the future of humanity.

We must not allow Access Tucson to close its doors. Government of the people will not let corporate government to take our voices away. Please stand beside me in insisting Access Tucson reopens its doors.  We are involved with a people’s struggle to build a new world founded on global justice.  Access Tucson represents this global struggle on the local level.

This podcast explains how Access Tucson needs to follow its original mission of participatory democracy and use TV to free us from tyranny!

Does anyone out there support these ideas? If so, let me know by being the first to donate to the cause! I will be eternally grateful to you and so will all the invisible forces that want this evolutionary movement to happen.