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Lovolution Podcast

Feb 21, 2010


I have been listening to the teleconferences Women on the Edge of Evolution. It was been wonderful to hear other women who are working to change the world. These women have a passion to build a new world based on caring, love, and global justice. One of the women interviewed in the series is Jean Shinoda Bolen. She has started a petition calling for a fifth United Unions conference on Women. It is a great idea and thousands of people have signed her petition. Inspired by her efforts, decided that I, too, could petition the United States Congress to move money out of the US’s inflated military budget into building the new world: a network of solar-powered, zero-carbon ecological cities. We have the technological know-how to build this vision. What we need is the will of the people. So, please listened to this podcast about my petition and if you resonant with it and would like to help build the new world, sign my petition, spread the link, and donate to the cause.

We can be the architectresses of a new social and physical structure. We don’t have to be prisoners in a man-made terrorist, war-fueled world which is killing our precious spirit. We can liberate ourselves by organizing society so that everyone’s need and spiritual aspirations are met through the process of building a whole-systems design, the new ecological urban model! Marianne Williamson said, "The era of data collection is over. We have all read the same books, listened to the same tapes. We all get the concepts. Now we have to turn it into action." It is time, women, that we build the new world!