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Lovolution Podcast

Mar 31, 2010

Several weeks ago, I attended a wonderful event, the Tucson Festival of Books at the University of Arizona campus. The event is so joyful because it is literary. There were authors talking about a spectrum of topics. There were poetesses, such as Anne Waldman, speaking about the ways of the world. I got to ask Anne a question: do you think women will someday run the world? If so, what form of governance structure will she create? She said we can't know this question until it happens, but that women already rule the world indirectly. Women have gotten into positions of power such as women who are now in the military. Well, I feel strongly that there needs to be a debate about if women solderiers makes a feminist culture arise.

I attended several workshops on self-publishing and print on demand. It inspired me to go ahead and publish my online book, Gaia Religion. It might take me a while though because I got to learn now to do everything myself. And so, the fun begins!