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Lovolution Podcast

Jul 4, 2009

Greetings from Doctress Neutopia. Welcome to my first podcast on the Fourth of July 2009. This show has taken me years to complete because of technological challenges and personal blockages that have taken place. But here it is for better or for worse! Uploading it on the 4th of July is meaningful to me because this is a place where I can find my voice. My task is to inspire you to the noble action of working towards building the ecocity of love, peace, and social justice. So, let's begin the hera's journey now. In this episode we will listen to two speakers, journalist Dahr Jamail who has reported on the war in Iraq and chief research scientist for the 2008 Phoenix Mars Mission, Peter Smith. In my commentary I will make the connection between the two men by looking at the goals of the American Empire.